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“Dr. Brooks has been the reason our semi-annual Economic Indicators Breakfast has been such a success! We regularly have over 150 attendees who note that the reason they come is to hear Dr. Brook’s review and forecast for our local, regional and national economies. His presentations are well researched, meaningful and thought-provoking!”

-Wayne Oliver, SVP State Bank Financial.

“Professor Brooks has succeeded in bringing community focus to an area that has been ignored for far too long. He provides an invaluable service by going out into the community and gathering valuable local economic data and relating that information to national economic trends and events. He has generated interest, excitement and legions of followers to a topic that until his arrival on the scene, received little or no attention. He’s brings an entertaining yet insightful interest to the local and national economy that has helped drive fear out of the numbers and replaced it with knowledge and understanding.”

Ralph Heath, Managing Partner Synergy Leadership Group

I had both a better understanding of the economy and a great time. He has taken the subject of our economy and made it both exciting and fun to learn. Professor Brooks continues to turn out large crowds, for both his insightful analysis of the economy and his entertaining, and often times laugh out loud delivery.

Ralph Heath, Managing Partner Synergy Leadership Group

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